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Your “online web community” includes the latest tips, culinary trends, and exclusive events and interviews with emerging and renowned women in the Food & Beverage industry. Additionally, a members-only directory & forum, links to leading job boards, member news, and discounted event registration.

We use Slack as a means to connect more intimately, discover communities in real-time and actively support by way of mentorship & information sharing.

Anyone who writes for SheChef is welcome to join our global Slack community! Communicate with others in the industry, collaborate, and more. All for free!


First Things First: What is Slack?

Slack is a free piece of software for the web, phones, and desktop that facilitates communication. New to Slack? Check out this video.

Slack communities break into channels, each with a unique focus of discussion. We currently offer ten public channels, a few are:

  • #announcements: This channel is for important community announcements. Only the admin team can post in #announcements.

  • #critique: This channel is to request feedback from the community.

  • #introduction: This channel is to introduce yourself to the community. Share your Medium profile, your background, anything that the community might enjoy knowing.

  • #random: The #random channel is for all other discussions. #random is home to the Random Thread Discussion of the Day. Sometimes that discussion is a writing prompt. Sometimes it’s a question about publishing. It could be anything!

  • #building-community: This channel is created for troubleshooting issues & bringing our general day-to-day concerns. It’s also a place to create cross-promotion, help & reference.

Ok, I’m in. Now what?

Once you’re set up with Slack and have familiarized yourself with the available channels, interact with the community.

  • Reply to people using threaded comments. When commenting or reply to anything in Slack, please always use threaded comments.

  • Tweak your notification settings so you don’t miss posts that might interest you.

  • Read and edit people’s drafts in the #drafts channel.

  • Leave feedback for community members in #critiques.

But Wait, There’s More!

If you’re feeling advanced, there’s a few other things that Slack can do.

There’s the Slackbot, which always sits at the top of your Direct Messages list. This is your own private notepad and personal bot. Anything posted to your Slackbot will only be available to you. You can ask Slackbot questions about Slack, like “how do I change my profile picture” and Slackbot will provide the help you need.

Slack allows any member to Direct Message any other member. Have questions for the admin team? Ask away! Want to collaborate on something with another member? Engage with the community!